UIL Holdings Corporation Grant Award

Dear Readers:
We are pleased to inform you that The United Illuminating Company and Southern Connecticut Gas has awarded CfAL with a $1,000 grant for our 2014 summer math program called Learning Math After School Can Be Fun.

This program has been designed to help improve the math literacy of 3rd thru 5th grade public school children, living in impoverished neighborhoods of New Haven, CT.

Research shows that the achievement gap starts with children who begin school with poor math skill typically do not catch up. Across the nation, children who have low math scores in the fall of their kindergarten year, continue to lag behind their better prepared peers through the 8th grade. Those least prepared are disproportionately children of color and from low-income families. Those children spend a limited amount of time on math instructor and more on other literacy areas.

With this grant, and financial support from other funders, in July 2014, we will intervene and help improve the math literacy of underperforming 4th and 5th grade students, attending schools in New Haven, by giving engaging math instruction to as many as 28 students.

We are thankful to The United Illuminating Company and Southern Connecticut Gas for their financial support and being our community partner. Mutually, we will strive to help to improve public school children’s education and their quality of life.

CfAL Board of Directors

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