Sonila Bakiu – New Board Member

Welcome and Congratulate!

To Sonila Bakiu, who was recently elected to the CfAL Board of Directors.

Sonila brings a wealth of leadership experience to the organization, and will be most helpful in shaping CfAL’s future and achieving its mission.

She is currently the Manager/Owner of S&J Deleading and Construction Company.

S&T Deleading is one of only handful of construction companies in the Connecticut, which is 100 percent female owned and operated. The company has been performing successful renovation services for the City of New Haven and other cities on a smaller scale since 2011, now threw EERAP Program, Emergency Elderly Program and Lead Remediation Programs.

CfAL Board of Director


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Ahearn Family Foundation Grant

Dear Readers:

We are very pleased to share with you the good news that the Ahearn Family Foundation has awarded CfAL with a $2,500 grant. The grant will be used to further implement our Digital Literacy for Early Learners, “A Primer for Parents” Program (DLEL) in the Hartford, Connecticut community.

The DLEL program has been designed to increase disadvantaged parents’ awareness of the benefit of early learning, and help them engage in educating their children, age birth to 5, so their children can start kindergarten with the critical skills they’ll need to learn and succeed in school.

The program combines platform instruction, along with detailed instruction and discussion about use of Libraries and engaging early learner educational websites targeted for each specific age level from birth to 5.

The primary goal: Children from disadvantaged families are prepared and ready to learn and succeed when entering/starting school

We express our thanks to the Ahearn Family Foundation for supporting the DLEL program and helping to improve public school children’s education.

CfAL Board of Directors

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3,000th Parent – Keishla Astrada

Dear Readers:

We are very pleased to inform that on November 19th, Keishla Estrada, a Hartford, CT resident, became the 3,000th parent to have participated in CfAL’s parent computer program. She, along with her 6 classmates, received a Congressional Citation of Recognition from Senator Richard Blumenthal. Senator Blumenthal was in Washington and unfortunately could not attend the graduation and shake hands and congratulate Keishla and her classmates.

Keishla is the proud parent of 5 children, who attend Hartford Public Schools. She participated in the parent program to help her children with their education.

On December 16th, we held a dinner celebration to honor Keishla.


CfAL Board of Directors


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Need Refurbishable Computers

Minimum Configuration Standard

Concepts for Adaptive Learning (CfAL) accepts computer systems, processors and monitors, that must be working and meet the following minimum configuration level:

1. IBM compatible Pentium IV level systems, no MACs, that have processors running at 1.8 GHz or faster.

2. with 1 gigabytes of memory (RAM) or larger

3. with a hard drive that is 80 gigabytes or larger

4. with a CD-ROM drive

5. For Monitors, they must be a flat screen, 17 inch and color, without cracked cases or scratched screens.

6. We do not accept printers and that is because we do not have parts to repair them.

If you are a corporation or university and have refurbishable computers to donate, or have any questions as to whether the system you are considering donating meets these requirements, please contact Curtis Hill at 203-410-3679.

Thank you!

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CFAL – Bridging the “digital divide”

Dear Readers:

Through an interview with WTNH’s lead evening news anchor
Keith Kountz, we had the opportunity to speak about the work CfAL is doing to help bridge the “digital divide” for public school children in Connecticut. The interview was aired on Sunday, July 13th.

Click on the link below to hear more about CfAL and the work CfAL’s instructors are performing to help students extend their learning beyond the classroom, and increase their parents’ involvement in their education.

Thank you,
CfAL Board of Directors

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Evaluation of Parent Computer Program

We recently received an evaluation report about our “Technology Cascade & Training” Program. The program gives computer training and gently-used computers to disadvantaged families. The goals of the program are to help improve the educational outcomes of disadvantaged public school children by extending learning beyond the classroom and increasing parents’ involvement in their children’s education. Research clearly shows that the more parents are involved, the better their children perform in school.

The May 2014 evaluation report, from an independent 3rd party, showed that:

  • Eighty-seven percent of the parents indicated that they had increased their involvement with their children’s educational activities.

  • Eighty percent of the parents/guardians indicated that their children “often” or “frequently” used the computer to complete their schoolwork.

  • The great overwhelming majority of respondents (93%) agreed or strongly agreed that their children’s learning motivation had been enhanced

  • Eighty-five percent indicated that their children’s grades were better

Since July 2003, we have given computer training and gently used computers to more than 2,800 parents, impacting the lives of nearly 8,700 people, parents and children. We can be proud of what we have been able to accomplish; yet, we also know there are many more families that need our help.

Thank you for supporting this important program that brings technology into the homes of disadvantaged families.

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New Sponsor

Dear Readers:

We are pleased to let you know that the award winning portrait artist, Susan B. Durkee, has become a CfAL sponsor.

Susan works out of her spacious West Redding, Connecticut studio, The Lobster Pot, so named by Mark Twain, who owned the property at the turn of the century.

Susan has made art a lifelong commitment. To her, each portrait is an opportunity to express the unique spirit of each individual character. She believes a portrait is a cherished heirloom to be shared and enjoyed generation after generation. Susan takes pride in being primarily self-trained. She has painted since she was a small child and believes that both her unrelenting determination and intense studies of the Old Masters, particularly Valesquez and John Singer Sargent, have brought her the success she now enjoys.

Her website is

If you are interested in having Susan create a portrait for you, please contact her at (203) 938-2760, or email at

Thank you!

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