Math Stars Class of 2017

Dear Readers:

The 4th grade student’s journey began on July 5th and after 5 weeks of math instruction, their journey ended on August 3rd at the Shoreline Trolley Museum. There the students boarded a trolley, went for  a ride from East Haven to Branford and back, celebrated their graduation with a pizza party, received a backpack loaded with school supplies, and received their Math Stars Certificate of Completion.

It was a wonderful celebration of their achievements.

Please note:

On average, the students’ math literacy improved by 40.5% in just 5 weeks.

100% of the students’ attitude toward math showed improvement.

Of the students that graduated, 11 had perfect attendance.

When asked what was their favorite day? The students, in unison, replied all of them.

During the 5 weeks, the instructors did not encounter 1 disciplinary problem. The students were sorry to see it end.

We wish to thank AVANGRID/United Illuminating Holdings, the Carolyn Foundation, and Pfizer Inc. and Connecticut Laboratories for donating the financial support for this summer math program.

We would also like to thank the CfAL Board of Directors for hosting the 2017 summer math program and helping us become Math Stars.


Math Stars Class of 2017


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IPTI Students Graduate

Dear Readers:

We are very pleased to let you know that the initial group of ten 10th grade students in the  Innovative Pathways to Information Technology (IPTI) graduated from the IPTI class on June 29th. These students from the Metropolitan Business Academy in New Haven, CT started their training classes at Gateway Community College, and these 10 motivated students graduated and received a Certificate of Completion. A nice achievement on their part and many thanks to their instructor, Kris Tonski.

Over the course of 6 weeks of training, 2 hours in the classroom and 4 hours of homework, the students received instructions on how to design and develop a website. They learned HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), and WP (Word Press). Pictured below, in the background, is a website that was developed by one of the students, and from left to right:

Kris Tonski (Instructor), Nick Lavorato (CfAL Project Manager), 10 Students from the Metropolitan Business Academy

Microsoft awarded CfAL  with a grant to fund this project, with a goal of motivating high school students to pursue a degree and or job in Computer Science / Information Technology.

Many thanks to our partners for helping these students pursue an Innovative Pathway to Information Technology.

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